The Philips 9AVMAC-074I is an adapter for connecting a VGA computer display to an Apple Macintosh computer (VGA to Apple DB15). It has four DIP switches which would be a bit of a pain to configure if you didn't have the original bit of paper that came with it. Luckily there is a table that contains the important information below (as well as a picture of the original bit of paper at the bottom of the page).

Dip Switch Settings

DIP Switch on Adapter
Resolution Fh(KHz) Fv(Hz) S1 S2 S3 S4
640x480 (Apple 13" Color) 35.0 67 OFF OFF ON ON
640x480 (VGA) 31.5 60 ON ON OFF OFF
800x600 (SVGA**) 35.2 56
832x624 (Apple 16" Color) 49.7 75 ON OFF ON OFF
1024x768 (Apple 19" Color) 60.2 75 OFF ON ON OFF
1152x870 (Apple 21" Color) 68.7 75 ON ON ON ON

** To enable SVGA, after configuring and connecting the monitor for VGA, open the monitors control panel and select Options, choose Super VGA from the dialog and reboot your system.


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