Scanned MicroVAX 3500 Documentation

This page contains scanned copies of the manuals that came in a ring binder with my second MicroVAX 3500. At the time I scanned it these manuals did not appear to be available from anywhere else on the internet.
[manual binder]

The documents were scanned using scanimage in batch mode at 600dpi in lineart mode. The image format was TIFF and the size was 180x230mm. The exact command was:

scanimage --format=tiff --batch=page%d.tiff --batch-prompt -p -x 180 -y 230 --mode lineart --resolution 600

The images were then converted to lossless Group 4 fax compression (ITU-T recommendation T.6) and put in a PDF file using Eric Smith's tumble.

Tab Name Order Number Title Size
Installation EK-O27AB-IN-002 MicroVAX 3500/VAXserver 3500 Installation 2MB
Operation EK-O28AB-OM-002 MicroVAX 3500/VAXserver 3500 Operation 4.17MB
Troubleshooting and Diagnostics EK-O19AA-SG-001 MicroVAX Troubleshooting and Diagnostics 2.53MB
Technical Information EK-O30AB-IS-002 MicroVAX 3500/VAXserver 3500 Technical Information 4.52MB
Site Preparation EK-239AA-SP-001 MicroVAX Site Preparation 1.35MB
Customer Services EK-238AA-MS-001 MicroVAX Customer Services 1.68MB
rtVAX Addenda EK-226AA-AD-001 MicroVAX 3500/VAXserver 3500 Addenda to MicroVAX 3500/VAXserver 3500 Customer Hardware Information 213KB

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