Software Notes

This document provides some notes on the open source release of Kermit 95 (now called C-Kermit for Windows) and some of my plans for it. The latest release is up on the Kermit Project website, and the latest source code is available on github. You contact myself (David Goodwin) and Frank da Cruz by emailing

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Last updated: Friday, 15-Sep-2023 18:11:18 NZST

C-Kermit for Windows 10.0 BETA 5 is now available from The Kermit Project Website. This brings 64bit support for the first time along with builds for a number of non-x86 archiectures including ARM. Also included are updates ot OpenSSL, libssh, various bug fixes and minor enhancements, plus the return of Kerberos V support. For more details see What's New in C-Kermit for Windows Beta 5

At the moment my goals are: Fix the stuff thats broken or missing since Kermit 95 and generally get it working nicely on modern Windows (I want to use it instead of PuTTY), while also maintaining and even extending support for vintage windows systems (I want to use it instead of HyperTerm). From the second beta support for modern and vintage windows are provided via three separate builds - a secure one with new features for modern windows, and a feature-reduced insecure one built with a vintage compiler for vintage windows, and an extra feature reduced build specially for Windows NT 3.50 which demands an ancient compiler.

New in Beta 5

Beta 5, released 3/4 July 2023, brings a selection of new features, enhancements and bug fixes. See What's New in Beta 5 for a nice tidy list, or the old unordered list that used to be here.

Plans for beta 6

Subject to change based on available free time and what I feel like working on. Target for this one is upgrading to OpenSSL 3.x along with whatever other bug fixes and enhancements make it in by mid-August. This will be a very minor release.


Progress to the sixth windows beta, in New Zealand time (UTC+13). Updates are a little bit less than daily at the moment due to other commitments.