Software Notes

This document provides some notes on the open source release of Kermit 95 (now called C-Kermit for Windows) and some of my plans for it. The latest release is up on the Kermit Project website, and the latest source code is available on github. You contact myself (David Goodwin) and Frank da Cruz by emailing

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Last updated: Friday, 27-Jan-2023 09:43:12 NZDT

C-Kermit for Windows 10.0 BETA 4 is (or will soon be) now available from The Kermit Project Website. This adds X/Y/Z MODEM support, xterm-compatible mouse reporting, and a selection of other enhancements and bug fixes

The latest code is, as before, available from github which now has CI setup providing automated builds of the latest code whenever anything changes. The occasional new test build may still appear in when notable changes occur but this will be uncommon and likely only while preparing for a new release which will be made available on the kermit project website.

At the moment my goals are: Fix the stuff thats broken or missing since Kermit 95 and generally get it working nicely on modern Windows (I want to use it instead of PuTTY), while also maintaining and even extending support for vintage windows systems (I want to use it instead of HyperTerm). From the second beta support for modern and vintage windows are provided via three separate builds - a secure one with new features for modern windows, and a feature-reduced insecure one built with a vintage compiler for vintage windows, and an extra feature reduced build specially for Windows NT 3.50 which demands an ancient compiler.

New in Beta 4

Beta 4, released 15 December 2022, brings a selection of new features, enhancements and bug fixes. See What's New in Beta 4 for a nice tidy list, or the old unordered list that used to be here.

Plans for beta 5

Subject to change based on available free time and what I feel like working on. Target for this one is bug fixes and SSH improvements, probably aiming for a release in February or March 2023.


Progress to the fifth windows beta, in New Zealand time (UTC+13). Updates are a little bit less than daily at the moment due to other commitments.

Ideas for future releases

Coming later to some other C-Kermit for Windows Beta as free time allows - in approximate order of (my) priority:

Those last few port-to-other-CPUs ones are pretty unlikely to happen due to difficulty obtaining (legal) copies of the required compilers. Alpha may happen though - looks like the NT 3.50 SDK includes the required compiler though it would be a pretty feature-reduced version due to the Windows API level supported by Visual C++ 2.0.

Unlikely Activity

Stuff I'd like to see happen but I'm unlikely to do myself - not enough free time, too much other stuff to do

Not Happening

This stuff is not possible and so will not happen

Old Stuff

New in the Second Beta

Known Issues

Stuff that was new in the Third Beta

New in the Fourth beta

Subject to change based on available free time and what I feel like working on. Target is to release this before Christmas. Stuff that is done and guaranteed to go out at the top above the line.

3rd-party libraries

Kermit95 relies on several obsolete third-party libraries which are (or increasingly were) behind the various disabled features in C-Kermit for Windows. The specific versions were:

Other Notes