Software Notes

This document provides some notes on the open source release of Kermit 95. Current source code is available up on github.


Current test builds can be found at Or you can Download the latest build. Extract the zip file somewhere and run k95g.exe for the graphical version or k95.exe for the console version. If the programs won't run you may need to install the Visual C++ Runtime (vcredist_x86.exe).

Current Status

Both the console and graphical versions are building fine. Parts relying on proprietary or obsolete libraries (SSH, DECnet, LAT, Kerberos, X/Y/Z Modem, SSL) are disabled until someone rewrites them or ports them to newer versions of the required libraries. It now builds on Visual C++ 6.0 and newer compilers.

3rd-party libraries

Kermit95 relies on several obsolete third-party libraries which have now been disabled. The specific versions were:

Proprietary stuff

These dependencies are proprietary and have all been disabled:

Other Notes